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Messagepar desheikh » Mar 13 Jan 2015 13:24

Hi everyone, This May 1, there was not a party. By this hot day in 1962 when strong winds sweep the Hoggard, the Beryl nuclear test turns to disaster. Led by France in Algeria (1) the second in a series of 13 underground trials beautiful name of gems (Agate, Sapphire, Amethyst, ...), the atomic bomb shakes the mountain so that Tan Afella out << a very dark cloud [. ..] that magnifies by eye >> The radioactive cloud << reaches a height equal to that of the >> Mountain (2). It will radiate those who attended the explosion, besides the two Perrie Minister Messmer ( armies) and Gaston Palewski (scientific research), which then flee due south, towards the base camp of In-Amguel, 45km away. This cataclysm << >> according to the term chosen by the author, is << worst accident in 36 years >> of French nuclear testing. Maybe up to 5000 people, including the villagers and nomads desert, are then affected by radioactive doses
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Messagepar jack35 » Mer 14 Jan 2015 00:19

Hello, I'm sorry, but you're here on a forum in the French language, I wish you a good day. Thank you
Lakapaomp an douar da drein dre an tu mad (breton). Faisons tourner la terre dans le bon sens.
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